Referral Fees

($2,000, $3,000, $4,000 each)
This is the easiest money you will ever make

See below for the benefits to you by helping someone else
See the simple rules below to get started and to see how easy it is

* You know a lot of I.T. pros. Why shouldn’t you refer them and earn referral fees / gifts?
* Refer them to me and I will get them a better job than they have now, and your name doesn’t even have to be mentioned.
* If you don’t refer them, someone else will.

 Could you use $2,000 – $12,000? Here are some of the things  you can do with the money

a Big Screen TV
an IPad
an IPhone
a Diamond
go to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe
a down payment on a new car
pay off your credit cards
pay your taxes
help out a family member
make a donation to your favorite charity

  Prefer something other than money? Let me know how I can help you. 
* Need the name of a hiring manager at a company you sent your resume to?
* Need 100 Interviewing Tips – What not to say, what to say?
* Want me to get you an interview for a job you heard about?

I’m Bob Moore and I’m an I.T. recruiter. I accelerate the careers of top performers by introducing them to the best opportunities.

Let me know what opportunities you would like to hear about.

Why you should refer I.T. pros to me
* I’ve been an I.T. Recruiter for 30+ years
* They will thank you for referring such a professional recruiter
* You’ll earn referrals fees
* You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give – Winston Churchill

See Compliments from Clients and Applicants

Computer Recruiters, Inc. will pay the following referral fees if you refer an applicant that my client hires through me. Referral Fees are for fulltime employees onsite / hybrid positions. On a rare occasion, they get work remote from the U.S. or Canada only.  See simple rules below.

$2,000 Referral Fees

For your first referral that I place, you will earn a $2,000 referral fee.

$3,000 Referral Fees

For your 2nd referral that I place, you will earn a $3,000 referral fee.

$4,000 Referral Fees

For your 3rd and the rest of your referrals that I place, you will earn a $4,000 referral fee.

$1,000 Referral Fees
If your referral refers someone that I place, you will receive a $1,000 referral fee.

Check weekly for my latest jobs at My Current I.T. Jobs and Contracts

When you help someone

* good luck, health, and wealth will follow
* good things happen to you
* it comes back to you.

To get what you want 
You can have anything you want if you help other people.

Networking that’s what it’s all about.
People helping people, that’s the only way it works.

I would really appreciate any names of those you know with the required skills for my current jobs even if you think they’re not interested. Your name won’t be mentioned unless you insist. If you only know their name, title, and where they’re working, that will do.

See current jobs

Don’t think: “I know someone, but they won’t be interested”.
* they won’t relocate
* they’re happy with their job
* they’re this or that

* Half the applicants that accept job offers with my clients weren’t looking for a job when I contacted them.
* Everyone is open to hearing about something that is better than what they have.

Give me the opportunity to talk to them or email them. I recruit 2 out of 3 applicants I talk to.
Again, your name doesn’t have to be mentioned

If you call 4 people, 4 out of 4 will say they’re not interested.

But when I contact them, 3 out of 4 will be interested in this position or another one

When you refer 4 people
at least one is interested
at least one knows someone else who is interested
one isn’t interested but wants to send me their resume for another position
one isn’t interested now but wants me to keep in touch

Please give me the opportunity to contact them. Everyone is happy to hear from me. No one ever asked where I got their name from.
As you can see it much more beneficial to me when I have the opportunity to contact them.

Please send me now their names, titles, software (modules) they know, phone numbers and or email addresses, and how you know them

If I don’t contact them another recruiter will.
Your name won’t be mentioned unless you insist.

Last week an applicant told me that a friend of hers has an interview with my client. I asked her, why didn’t you refer this person to me when I asked you for a referral.  She said she didn’t know he was looking.

You usually don’t know someone is open to a change until you’ve heard they’ve changed jobs.
* Most people who know you don’t know when you’re looking for something better.

If I don’t contact them directly I can’t find out what they’re interested in or who they know that is interested.
I’ll do everything I can to help you.

30 ways to refer – I.T. (Information Technology) Pros only

* co-workers at your current job. They’re getting calls from recruiters all the time anyway.
* co-workers at your previous jobs
* a current or former supervisor
* a mentor
* a family member
* a friend
* someone that was laid off
* someone that quit their job
* someone who just started a new job a week or 3 weeks ago. Many times when someone starts a new job, they find out very quickly it isn’t what they thought it was going to be and realize they made a mistake
* someone who is retired
* someone who just became invested
* someone who isn’t happy with their job
* someone who isn’t happy with their boss
* someone whose company is having financial problems, layoffs, hiring, salary freeze, or company was just sold
* someone you took a class with
* someone you met at a party
* someone you know at the gym
* someone commuting more than ½ hour to work
* someone who is traveling a lot
* someone who wants a position with travel
* someone who is from or used to live in CA, Portland, OR, Chicago, Il and wants to move back
* someone who is from somewhere other than where they are living now. Please include where they’re from and where they’re living now.
* someone who wants to relocate to California or somewhere else.
* someone who lives in Canada  and wants to work in the U.S.
* anyone who is looking for a job. It doesn’t matter where they live as long as they live in the U.S., or Canada.
* anyone who is not looking for a job. I’ll recruit them anyway and sooner or later they will be interested
* anyone that is contracting. Contract maybe ending or they prefer full-time employee
* someone who wants to work for a Big 4 consulting company                                                            * someone who is traveling and wants less or no travel.                                                                        * someone who wants to work remote

Applicant must
* be someone I’m not currently representing.
* have at least 2 years paid I.T. working experience.
* be someone you know. Not just someone your find online. Although your name doesn’t have to be mentioned, it is helpful if I can mention your name.
* be living in the U.S., or Canada.
* be a US, or Canadian citizen, have a Green Card. an EAD Card or H1, TN1 Visa.
* applicant must work for my client for at least 120 for most of my client and 190 days for one of my clients without giving notice or being terminated.
* check will be sent to you on day 120 or day 190 depending on my client’s guarantee.
* you will receive a referral fee regardless of which full-time employee position I place them for.
* although there’s no time limit on referrals, your referral has to be the reason I’m currently considering the applicant. E,g, If they applied to my job ad, you don’t get credit.

Don’t expect a referral fee because you’re referring yourself. You can refer family members.

Why you won’t be eligible for a referral fee
If the applicant 
should respond to my ad, be referred by someone else, or come to me by another means, then you wouldn’t be eligible for the referral fee.

Your name will be on their resume. So as long as I find them in my resume database, you will be eligible for a referral fee.

What I need  – Cut and paste this in the body of the email and put the information, below each line, to make sure you send all information required.
Their name, phone number, or email address or where they’re currently working; Word resume if you have it.
* If they’re willing to relocate if required
* If they’re a US Citizen, have a green card, ead card or they’re on an H1 TN1 Visa, etc.
* which position they’re qualified for.
* include how you know them or where you worked with them.
* one or two reasons why you would recommend this person. This will help me get them the interview and a job offer.

To increase your chances of receiving a referral fee
Please only send those that have 80% of the required skills.
* Please only refer the best (highly professional) applicants.
* Triple your chances of earning a referral fee by referring at least 3 highly qualified professionals for each position.

Your name doesn’t have to be mentioned. Indicate whether your name should be mentioned or not.

See current job opportunities     Put the job title in the subject line

You’ll be mad at yourself for not referring someone every time you hear someone just gave notice or started a new job
If you don’t refer them, someone else will!