Information That I Need

Please cut and paste these questions and email me the questions and your answers. This will help me find you a job you really want. Thank you in advance.

How do you have the right to work in the U.S.?
US Citizen
Green Card
If H1, can it be transferred to my client who will sponsor your Green Card?
H1 expires?
H1 can be renewed until?
Is your Green Card already in process?
If yes, is your I-140 approved?
When was your I-140 approved?
Is your I-485 been approved?
H4, don’t need to be sponsored
OPT – can work in the U.S. without being sponsored until
TN1 – I’m a Canadian Citizen
Need to get an H1 Visa
Only available corp to corp through a consulting company
Consulting company is
Only available for contracting (not contract to hire)

Do you prefer a full-time employee or a contract position?
Are you a long term contractor?
Have you had an employee position for 3 years or longer?
If yes, was that at a non-consulting company?
Name of the company?

Are you Techno-Functional? Techno-Functional means you’re an Abap programmer and an SAP configurator?
How many years SAP ABAP Developer?
How many years SAP Functional Analysts?
Configures SAP add modules?
Integration with add modules?
How many SAP Full Implementation Life Cycles?

You and your family will relo to L.A., Portland or names of other cities / states?
If you have more than a 1-hour commute, will you and your family relocate?
You can move and start within 2-3 weeks after accepting an offer and your family will move within 14-60 days?
If you have kids in school, will your family move in the middle of the school year?

Is not relocating your 1st choice?
Cities or states most interested in and why?
Current location
Currently live in

Are you expecting any job offers?
Have you had any 2nd or 3rd interviews in the past 2 weeks?
How many onsite interviews in the past 2 weeks?
If not getting a job offer why don’t you think you’re getting a job offer?
Have you interviewed for any contract jobs?

Base salary considered? Asking for a 10% increase over your current base salary is usually safe, unless you’re a contractor then you get paid more because of the travel requirements, even if you’re not traveling.
If you’re a full-time employee working for a consulting company, you get paid more.
This job pays an annual bonus of 15%. Bonus has been paid for at least the last 10 years.
Keep in mind, if you’re asking for 10K more than someone else with the same skills and same years of experience, you won’t get an interview.

If asking for more than a 10% increase please explain why.

Anything I should know that my client will be concerned about. E.g. Family can’t move until the school year is out which is more than 2 months from now. I just bought a house. I don’t want to move unless the client makes me an offer I can’t refuse, etc.

Any problems with passing a background check, drug test, education verification or anything else I should know that could be a problem for my client?

Do you have a non-compete clause that could impact your ability to work in the position for which you have applied?

3 References after my client make a job offer
Will you be able to provide me with 3 references (2 direct supervisors and or a Director or VP or 2 direct supervisors and a Co-Worker after my client make you a job offer? If not, why?