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Domain Names For Sale – Lease, Rent to Buy, Partnership, or other (your suggestion)

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See 46 .com and 1 .org domain names below

A quality Domain Name is a wise investment
As far as value and recognition dot com is and will continue to be number one
The value of domains is going up faster than the value of any other commodity.
Domain Names are already above 100 million.

A quality Domain Name includes a
Dot Com extension,
Is descriptive,
Easy to remember,
Stands out from the rest
and is a Traffic generator.

Why a Domain Name is important
, it may or may not be the #1 place to buy candy, but they are #1 on Google and odds are good that will be #1 on   Google for a long time to come.
* On Google,
sites like are beating William Sonoma for ice cream makers, and is beating Victoria’s Secret. At some point, large companies are going conclude that they missed the boat when it comes to organic traffic

I sold is still available

With baby boomers (in the U.S.) retiring between now and the next 8 years, many will discover they are bored
or can’t afford to retire and will be looking for a Home / Self Employment opportunity, making the domain names, and extremely valuable.

Here’s some others for sale
I will sell for $75,000 US

With the purchase of you can buy all 5 of these for $7,500

Big Discounts f
or multiple names purchased at the same time.