How to get a job offer

Remember SHE – Smile, Handshake and Eye contact
Remember CAR –
Describe the Challenge – Express your Action – Describe the Resolution

Communication is the key to a successful interview
How to make people listen
Speak slowly
If your first language isn’t English
* Speak up and speak slower. The slower you speak the easier it will be to understand you.
* Take a hint
if you’re being asked to repeat what you said, speak slower.
* You should get into a habit of speaking slower.
* Communicating effectively with make you a success

* The tone of your message is important and can be offensive when what you’re saying isn’t.
E.g. He sounded condescending

Body Language
Lean toward the interviewer(s)
* Face the person directly and give them direct eye contact, combined with fully-focused attention, you double the impact of what you’re saying.
* Sincere smiling, head nodding, relaxed arms

Negative Body Language
* Looking around the room,  crossing arms, leaning back in chair, narrowing of eyes, pointing the feet towards the door, lowering head, nodding too much, tapping fingers, kicking / bouncing foot, a frown

How to easily give your charisma a boost
* Keep a relatively still body language.
* Excessive nodding or fidgeting can make you ­appear impatient, insecure, or nervous.
* Also, when someone asks you a question, wait one or two seconds before answering.
* Charisma is not just about others’ ­perceptions of you; it’s about how you make them feel about themselves.
* That brief pause makes the other person feel that their question was so weighty, so smart, that you need to gather your thoughts before you respond

How to show ENTHUSIASM?  Big warm consistent smile.
How to show CONFIDENCE?

* Use firm handshake
* Plenty of eye contact
* Strong, forceful voice, speak up and speak clearly in a confident tone
* Don’t answer a question like you’re asking is this the right answer.

3 ways people will remember you and you will get a job offer
1. You offer ideas to solve their problems.
2. You fit in.
3. You bring value to the relationship.

Make an impression – Experience is irrelevant – Accomplishments are everything
Talking about your experience
(major accomplishments) makes more of an impression than number of years of experience.
Offering your experience indicates your good, number of years doesn’t.
Use I, me not we
. Managers want to know what you did

Confidents goes a long way
Manager said after phone interview

While she doesn’t have the extent of background we are looking for she seems very confident in gaining whatever knowledge is necessary.  We would like to have an in person interview.

Speak Easy
Every word counts.
Avoid saying anything that doesn’t add ­value (“um” is a prime example); don’t use three sentences
when one will do. By eliminating the verbal filler, you’ll have people hanging on your words instead of tuning them out.
* Set the tone at the start. Instead of beginning with the standard “Hi, my name is,” grab your listeners’ attention with a scene or a question. Choose a story that captures an important message and practice telling it with emotion and fluid body language.
* Speak with confidence. If you doubt yourself, your audience will, too. Stand up straight, establish eye ­contact—and smile.
* Get the crowd in on the act. Make your listeners the stars and you will shine more brightly. Ask them questions that require
more than yes-or-no answers. You’ll enrich the discussion, and they will feel valued.