Computer Recruiters, Inc., is a one stop I.T. staffing service. Contractors, Contract to Hire, Employees and Payrolling.

Computer Recruiters, Inc., established in 1980, is a premier national technical search firm offering services to both Technical Professionals and Corporate Clients.

Computer Recruiters, Inc. represents many different clients ranging from large Fortune 100 corporations to small start up firms and all industries. Our goal is to assist quality companies in identifying, locating, prescreening and securing talented people in order to meet their manpower needs.

It is my belief that the main asset of any company is its people and it is our mission to bring quality people and companies together for the success of both

My nationwide network of I.T. recruiters can quickly find those hard to find skills. I personally interview each candidates to verify they have the skills you required, before submitting their resume.

I’m Bob Moore and I have been an I.T. recruiter for over 25+ years, solving my F-1000 clients I.T. employee and contract staffing problems.
* My clients interview 2 out of 3 candidates I send them.
* Compliments from Clients and Candidates

 I want to be your I.T. / ERP / BI Talent Acquisition Partner
* I have 400,000 resume with 3,853 ERP / SAP resumes in my proprietary database.

* My nationwide network of recruiters has a total of 25,694 ERP / SAP Resumes
I have candidates from all industries.

Hire a 25 year I.T. recruiter for 2 months to recruit unlimited I.T. talent for less than the cost of one agency fee

* See multiple options below for using my I.T. recruiting services including contingency, flat fee, contract, others.

70% of the positions I recruit for are ERP, BI positions
* ERP – SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, other ERP Analysts, Architects, Programmers, Basis Administrators, Managers
* BI – SAP BI, Business Objects, BPC, SSIS, OBIEE, Hyperion, Informatica, Cognos, other Data Warehouse Developers, Architects, Managers
* CRM – SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, others
* Database Administrators – Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, others
* Data Analysts
* NW – Linux, Windows, VMWare, Cisco, Juniper, others, hands on Administrators, Engineers, Managers
* Web– C#, Java, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, scripting, others, Web Graphic Designers, Programmers and Managers
* Programmers – Oracle, ABap, Visual Basic, others
* EDI Analysts
* QA Analysts
* CIO’s, CTO’s, VP’s, Directors
* All other I.T. talent nationwide
* 0% – 100% Travel
* Bilingual
* Contractors, Contract to Hire and Employees

* The CIO called to thank me for recruiting such high quality candidates for their SAP Manager and Network Manager positions.
* Job offers for both my candidates were accepted.
See a dozen more compliments under testimonials.

If you would like to see some resumes
Please call or send details on the position or link to the job description including:
* must haves
* pluses
* what you need to accomplish
* challenges
* opportunities
* why you or they would like working there
* companies or industries you would like to see candidates from

If Employee: Base salary range, bonus and if any benefits are employer paid. If you’re will to relocate? If H1 / TN1 candidates will be considered.

If Contract: Hourly rate range, length of contract and if could be contract to hire.
After a 6 month contract you can hire the contactor as an employee for no additional fee or after 6 weeks with a conversion fee.

Let me know how I can help solve your employee and contract staffing problems.

Multiple options for using my I.T. recruiting service
Do you need to hire several I.T. pros?

Flat Monthly Fee – Fill positions faster and lower your staffing cost
Hire me for less than the cost of one agency fee

Fortune 1000 companies have paid me $16,000 – $40,000 to hire just one I.T. professional.

Partner with me for just 2 months and hire unlimited I.T. talent for less than the cost of one agency fee
* Only a 2 month commitment, than month to month
* My clients interview 2 out of 3 candidates I send them
* Fill positions quickly – You need someone that will be accountable for filling your positions.
* Decrease expenses – Save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand of dollars on staffing fees. 
* Call me to start interviewing qualified candidates and to find out about my flat monthly fee.

Contingency Recruiter
* At no cost to you

* You can review resumes and interview candidates from me.

* There is only a fee if you hire someone I refer.

* Hiring the right person outweighs the cost of my fee.

Contingency Exclusive Recruiter
* At no cost to you

* You can review resumes and interview candidates from me and  other recruiters.

* I will personally interview recruiter’s candidates from my network and any you suggest and submit only those that are qualified.

* There is only a fee if you hire someone I refer.

Contract Recruiter
Hourly rate to hire unlimited I.T. talent. Just a 1 month commitment

Employee  On or Off-site recruiter
I’m available as an
on or off-site recruiter.

On-site only if you’re in (or close to) the San Fernando Valley

Employee – Salary Negotiable

Contract On or Off-site for a flat monthly fee with just a 2 month commitment. Then month to month. Since my office is in Woodland Hills, I can come into your office on an as needed basis if you’re within a 1 hour or so commute.

If you have another suggestion, let me know. I want to be your I.T. staffing partner.


  • Because of my 25+ years as an I.T recruiter, you will not see any resumes of candidates who do not meet your requirements.
  • When I have an exclusive with a client, I work days, nights and weekends to find candidates in the quickest time possible.
  • When I recruit candidates, I will only sell them on your opportunity. I will not present them with any other opportunities while you are considering the candidate.
  • The best candidates are currently working and not looking for a job. When I can tell a candidate that I’m working exclusively for one of my key clients on one of their high level positions, the candidate will view the position as not just another job, but as an important position worth taking a closer look at.
  •  I will be the ambassador for your company, which will convey confidentiality to the potential candidate and alleviate you from receiving calls from multiple firms representing the same candidates.
  • You confidential jobs will be posted on my web site and over 3,000 other employment sites on the Internet.
  • If you need to keep the job order confidential, you definitely need to work with me exclusively.
  • I network with the best I.T. recruiters nationwide. If the skills you are looking for are not in ample supply, I will network with these other recruiters and I will let them know about your requirements, but they will not necessarily know who my client is. So you get the benefits of working with the top I.T. recruiters while only dealing with one, me.
  •  I personally interview every candidate before I submit their resume to you.
  • You can direct all recruiters that call you to me. I will have them send me their candidates and I will screen them to make sure they have the skills you need.

Once you work with me on an exclusive basis, you’ll never go back to working with 6+ agencies.

I will perform all my recruiting tasks including but not limited to
* Partner with managers to fill critical positions in a timely manner.

* Develop and implement programs to source candidate directly and indirectly.

* Source all levels of I.T. positions from business analysts to 
programmers to CIO’s.
* Find, recruit and prescreen candidates to make sure they meet the minimum requirements.

* Quickly providing multiple resumes for each position.

* Recruit days, nights and weekends to fill positions quickly with the best candidates.

* Fill your I.T. employee, contract and contract to hire positions.

* Arrange candidate interviews.

Prepare candidates for interviews. Confirm days and times with candidates and managers.

* Make job offers. Educate candidates about counter offers. Educate managers on how to get job offers accepted.

The benefits of my service 
* Fill positions quickly

* Decrease expenses

* Save time – My clients interview 2 out of 3 candidates I send them

* Because of my 25+ years as an I.T. recruiter, you will only see highly qualified candidates.

* Because of my 25+ years as an I.T. recruiter in L.A. I have a proprietary database of 400,000 resumes, 25,000 SAP resumes 
and a dozens other resources.
* Since more than half of my job orders have been in CA, and have been for SAP, Oracle and other ERP talent as well 
as DBA’s, Network Admin’s, Web and other programmers, Project Managers, Directors, CTO’s, CIO, etc. I have many local candidates.

What I do for my clients
* in 3 months, 6 of my clients have made job offers to 7 of my candidates. All offers were accepted.

* I presented 10 candidates. T
hey phone-interviewed 6 of them and they faced interviewed 2 of them. They made job offers to both of them.
* I received 3 offers in one week for my candidates and all offers were accepted. I placed an Oracle DBA, Functional Analyst and 
a Web programmer.   

The Rising Demand for Tech Talent
Overall technology job postings on Dice have grown 30% a year
, reflecting increased recruitment activity and the dynamic need for tech professionals

Surveys indicates I.T. talent in short supply even in this bad economy
Nearly Half of U.S. Employers Struggling to Fill Mission-Critical Positions –
May 29, 2012
* 49 percent of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulty filling mission-critical positions.
* A significant percentage of total U.S. employers continue to face hiring challenges despite continued high unemployment.
* According to the more than 1,300 U.S. employers surveyed, the positions that are most difficult to fill include Skilled Trades, Engineers and IT Staff
* Even in the midst of hiring freezes and layoffs, organizations continue to face talent shortages in I.T. (Deloitte
Consulting 9/09)
* While many more people are looking for work amid the recession, 30% of employers worldwide say they are still having 
trouble filling positions because of a lack of suitable talent. – Business Daily 6/09
I.T. jobs remain difficult to fill despite a slow economy and rising unemployment – Survey 5/09

Call or email me to get started, to discuss your requirements and which engagement option works best for you and learn how I’m going to fill you positions quickly.

BOB MOORE  –  25 years as an I.T. recruiter
Employees, Contractors and Contract to Hire

Computer Recruiters, Inc.
of Los Angeles     
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