Cover Letter Tips

A Cover Letter to a recruiter makes a good first impression – what to include

* A cover letter will distinguish you from the 75% of applicants who don’t include a cover letter with their resume.
* Keep it short. 1/2 to 1 page
* Start off with my
xx years of experience as a xxxxx make me an excellent match for your xxxxx position listed on xxxx.
* This is an opportunity to point out how you can help the company.
This is about the company and not you.
* Mention as many key words in the ad as possible in your cover letter and add them to your resume if necessary
* You need to impress them that you will fill the void and solve their problems immediately.
* Don’t use words like “I think”, Use “I know”.
* Use points from your resume that are relevant
* Typo’s – This will stop you from getting an interview.
* You need to customize each cover letter. Don’t send in a generic cover letter.
* Make sure you have contact info on your cover letter and resume Phone number and email address.
* End with asking for an interview. Days and times you could be available.

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