100 things not to say or do on an interview

These are the 100+ reasons the managers did not hire the applicants.

Use this as a checklist for what you shouldn’t do on an interview.
If you’re unsure what the best answer is or don’t know why these are bad answers, call and ask me

100 things not to say or do on an interview
When I asked, what he saw himself doing in 2-3 years, he said running my own business.
He didn’t say what his future plans were once he got his supply chain certification
He wasn’t prepared. He said, now I know what your company does.
Don’t say
I’m a lazy configurator, programmer, manager, etc. If you don’t fire me. I don’t want.
Anything that will make the interviewer think you shouldn’t have said that. Now I have doubts about you.

I may relocate. You shouldn’t be having this interview if the job requires relocation and you’re not willing to relocate.
I’m concerned with the cost of living in XXX.

I want to have a lot of new project work – if client can’t promise this, you just blew the interview
I want a management career – if client can’t promise this, you just blew the interview

He answered the questions before I finished asking them.
He said if you don’t fire me

I could tell by his answer, he didn’t understand the question. Listen carefully and ask for further explanation if necessary.
He frowned when I talked about working overtime.
Watch your body language.
He was very concerned when I mentioned off hours support and made it clear it was a problem.
He was more interested in what he wanted to do then what I needed.
He had this what could you do for me attitude

I don’t feel he would give us what we want. He wants to do it his way.

He’s looking to move into a management position in the next 2 years.  I need someone in this position for 3- 5 years. Don’t indicate you’re looking to move out of the position in a specific time frame. It’s ok to indicate that someday you would like to move up to a lead or management position but you don’t want the manager thinking when a recruiter calls in a month or two with a management position, you’re going to leave.
He was wearing a sweater instead of a jacket
He wore a sweeter – fleece material.
It wasn’t a good look – would have been much better without it
He wasn’t wearing a tie.
He wore a white suit, a dark brown shirt, and a florescent yellow tie.
His appearance was sloppy. (1st impression counts, wear your best suit and tie).
His suit was two sizes too small.
His shirt was all wrinkled.
His shoes weren’t polished.
He was wearing sneakers.
He was wearing jeans and a t shirt
He had dirty fingernails
He referred to himself in the 3rd person –
I didn’t know who he was referring to at first

He referred to himself using his middle name. I had to ask him who that was. He did it at least 3 times
On multiple occasions we had to repeat / clarify our questions
He had really bad body odor
He smelled of alcohol
He answered his cell phone
He asked me to speed up the interview because he had a lunch date
He didn’t answer the questions with confidence. How to show CONFIDENCE? Strong, forceful voice. Good eye contact. Smile
Don’t answer the question sounding like you’re asking, am I right?

He’s qualified but he wasn’t enthusiasm enough. How to show ENTHUSIASM?  Big, warm, consistent smile.
Indicate this is definitely a position I’m excited about.
The major projects he talked about seemed rather small.
He was more nervous than usually on the interview
He sighed and made negative comments because I wasn’t available for the phone interview. (E.g. I’m suppose to have a phone interview with him/her, where is s/he?)
He said he doesn’t like to be on call.
He said he left many positions because he was bored.
He said he left many positions for a better opportunity but couldn’t tell me what the better opportunity was.
He answered questions incorrectly.
He doesn’t have a thorough understanding of all concepts and isn’t willing to admit ignorance. I prefer an “I don’t know”
answer to something that doesn’t make any sense.
He wasn’t sitting straight up. He slouched.

He had an attitude from the minute he walked in.
He refused to fill out an application.
He wasn’t articulate.

He didn’t understand the questions I was asking.
He said he was going to retire in 5 years.
He said, if I never see another help desk again, that would be fine with me. Applying for Tek Support position.
He said negative things about his former boss and employer.
He said he had left a job for more money.
He said he left for a better opportunity. But couldn’t tell me what the better opportunity was.
He looked away when giving me his answers. I thought he might be lying.
He had experience on his resume that he couldn’t back up.
One of the people at the interview was a psychologist who say that he was to compulsive. The proof – he salted his food before he tasted it.

When I asked questions about this experience, he couldn’t answer. I wondered what other information on his resume wasn’t true.
He was more interested in what he wanted to do, then what I needed.
He went from A+ after looking at his resume to B+ after the interview, because of his low energy.
He kept saying he ONLY did this and ONLY did that. Sounds negative. I HAVE done this and HAVE done that, sounds positive.
He was 10 minutes late for the interview.
He was 15 minutes late and he didn’t even call
It was a lunch interview. He said he had already eaten. He ordered something and didn’t eat it.
He rambled and didn’t answer the questions. (Answer questions in 30 seconds if possible). Give enough of an answer so they know you now what you’re talking about.

He had a defensive response to criticism
He didn’t thank me for the interview
He was overbearing and had a conceited tone
He had strong prejudices\
He had a cynical attitude
He wanted the job for a short period of time
He had no sense of humor

The interview was going well, until he told me he wears my company’s clothing all the time. I told him that we manufactured office products, not sportswear.

He neglected to have a clean handkerchief. Nose ran. He blew his nose on his napkin in the restaurants during lunch.
He was rude to receptionist.
She was just shopping around
She takes the long way around answering a question.
She wasn’t focused
She wasn’t listening. She asked me to repeat many questions.
She wasn’t listening. When I asked her why she left a job, she told me what she did at the job.

She said she was available because a Headhunter called her.
She asked about salary and benefits.
She’s asking for $2,000 more then I can pay.
She won’t fit in. She was too quiet (shy) and this is a team environment.
She didn’t seem to have any confident in herself

She seemed depressed.
She wasn’t upbeat.
She was chewing gum.
She smoked during the interview.
I got the feeling she wasn’t telling the whole truth