How to answer the money question

Answer this question wrong and you don’t get a job offer 
The number 1 reason applicants don’t get a job offer is because they answer the money question wrong.

Quick Money Tip – The Salary Range, The Big Mistake
* When people hear a salary range, they only hear the top of the range. This is a big mistake.

* If you should be made a job offer there’s a 99% chance, you will be disappointed because you will be offered around the  middle of the range unless you’re already making the middle or top of the range.

* When you hear a range, think middle or a little lower than the middle of the range and you won’t be disappointed if you get a job offer. 

* Telling an employer you want $10K – $20K more than the top of the range is usually the end of the interview.

If asked about money, the manager isn’t asking how much should I offer you (all companies have salary guidelines, they can’t bring you in at higher salary then someone at their company with similar experience). He wants to hear you say, I’m making X amount, I’m interested in the company, this position and working for you, please make me an offer. When we get to that point, I’m sure we’ll both be fair.

If asked a second time, how much money you want, indicate while we all work for money, working for a financially stable company with the right position and right manager is more important for me to accept a position, than a huge salary increase, of course all of the above would be impossible to turn down. I’m very interested in working for you, please make me an offer.

 If asked a third time, how much money you want say in your own words
When deciding on a position I consider the following factors; quality of the opportunity, quality of the company and the people I’d be working with, long term growth potential, location and compensation. Compensation is the least important criteria I use to evaluate a position. So far I’m impressed with what I have learned about this opportunity and remain very interested.”

As a last restore if you feel you have to give a figure
Indicate that recruiters have told you a salary increase of between 7% – 12% are common and that you believe these figures are fair. I’m very interested in the position so I would accept between xx,xxx – xx,xxx. Don’t be tempted to raise these figures, if you do, you will not get a job offer. If you know what the salary range is, tell them 5K – 15K less than the top of the range. If range is $90K – $110K I’ll consider $95K – $105K if range is $110K – $125K I’ll consider $115K – $120K. Managers want to bring someone in, at the middle of the range. So make they feel confident you will seriously considering an offer in that range. Managers never want to go to the top of the range, so asking for the highest figure is a good way to make sure you won’t be considered.

Remember that the first person to give a number is at a disadvantage.