Other ways I can help you

Other ways I can help you

If you know of any companies (not agencies, check company website to verify not an agency) that are looking for someone with your skills, send me the details and why you’re a good fit (you must have at least 80% of what they’re looking for and have not applied for the job) and I will contact them on your behalf and try to get you an interview.

You have a much higher chance for an interview through a recruiter than the Internet.  It’s always beneficial having someone acting as your agent. If you sent them your resume, include when and how you sent it and if you have received any response.

Include why you’re a good fit for each position.
e.g Certain experience they need,
Your experience for each requirement – you should have at least 80%
You successfully did what they want to do and where,
You worked in the same industry, etc.
Any other plusses you have
This will help me get you an interview

Send me the link to the job description.

Also any companies you would like to work for.
Why you would like to work for them and if they have your resume and when and how you applied.
Include names of anyone you know working there and their titles.

Are there any competitors of companies you’ve worked for, or other companies you would like to work for and why you would like me to contact on your behalf?

Include if you’ve sent them your resume, when and how and if you’ve had any response from them.
Indicate if you know someone
working for the company, how you know them and if they can recommend you.

Have you submitted your resume to any companies where you have at least 80% of the required skills and have not heard from them in at least 2 weeks?
Send me the details with why you’re qualified and I’ll contact the hiring manager on your behalf.
Include if you know anyone in their I.T. dept.

If you send me the names for the best that you know who are qualified for these jobs, then I’ll have more time to find something for you.

If you only know where they’re working or use to work, that will do.

Your name won’t be mentioned unless you insist

Thank you in advance

What you should know about referrals
Without applicants like yourself referring the best I.T. pros to me, I would not have been a success in this business and wouldn’t be here now to help you.

See How To Earn a Referral Gift and now earn DOUBLE credit for your first referral

I will never submit someone you refer to me for a position you are interested in.

I’m not asking you to contact anyone.
If you call 4 people, 4 out of 4 will say they’re not interested.

But when I contact them 3 out of 4 will be interested in this position or another one

When you refer 4 people
at least 1 is interested
at least 1 knows someone else who is interested
1 isn’t interested but wants to send me their resume for another position
1 isn’t interested now but wants me to keep in touch

Please give me the opportunity to contact them. Everyone is happy to hear form me. No one ever asked where I got there name from.

As you can see it much more beneficial to me when I have the opportunity to contact them.
Please, please send me now their names, titles, software they know, phone numbers and or email addresses

If I don’t contact them another recruiter will.

Your name won’t be mentioned unless you insist.

Thank you in advance